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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We love creating custom items for our customers – if it will bring you or your loved one joy, we will try to make it! If you have something in mind, visit our Custom Orders page and fill out the order form. We will work with you to create your idea.

Since it is a custom order, I will have to design as well as create the product. This process could take up to four weeks, not including shipping time, so order as soon as possible if you need the product as a gift. Some orders may take less or more time depending on the item in mind. Email us for inquiries.

Custom order fees vary on the product desired. There is an extra fee of $10 for custom ordered stuffed animals. However, if ordering a ‘name’ embroidery hoop or banner, the fee is included in the price for your convenience.

We sell monthly at the Downtown Fort Walton Beach Farmer’s Market! Furthermore, we try to participate in various arts festivals and markets along the Gulf Coast. Check our social media pages to stay updated on our next event!

You sure can! Make sure to wash your stuffed animal with cold water on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. To dry, put your drier on a low heat and a gentle cycle. 

We do not always have the same items readily available. Our products are typically made to order. Therefore, please provide roughly 3-6 weeks to receive your order after purchasing.

We reserve the right to alter our plush and lovey designs – colors may vary depending on availability.