About Us

The love and fluff Story

Love and Fluff is on a mission to share love. I have been passionate about creating since I can remember. I taught myself to sew when I was seven years old, steeling old towels from our linen closet and cutting and stitching them together. My favorite gifts for my birthdays as a child were fabric remnants, buttons, and thread. I had a strong urge to just make things – I made small pillows and blankets for my guinea pigs when I was in elementary school, a quilt for a counselor at my middle school who was expecting her second baby, a hideous cow print wallet for my mother who swears she loves it, and much, much more. Creating things for others was, and still is, the best way I know how to show love.
I am also deeply passionate about children and families. I am currently pursuing a BS degree in Human Development and Family Sciences as well as a certificate in Child Advocacy. I am a Christ follower who believes in the love of God; everyone deserves to know love, and I strive to love like Jesus did. Love and Fluff is the culmination of my passions – through L&F, I hope to inspire you to love others, provide you with resources about children and families, and motivate you to make a change. I would love to have you on this journey.

Love, Amanda