About Us

Love and Fluff is just how it sounds – equal parts love and fluff! I believe everyone is made in God’s image, thus all deserving of love. Every child needs to know they are loved; feeling loved encourages children the safety to explore their emotions, try new activities, and pursue their dreams. 

Our hope is that through our fluffy plushies, your child will feel loved. Toys such as stuffed animals promote emotional and social development in young children. A stuffed bunny or alligator could become the perfect reading buddy, co-explorer, or confidant for tough situations. Playing with stuffed animals can help your child practice working through big emotions in a safe way or learn important life skills, like caring for others. 

I am deeply passionate about children and families, and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, as well as a certificate in Child Advocacy. As a follower of Christ, I strive to love like Jesus loves. My faith and education fuel my passion to advocate for children and love others as best I can. Love and Fluff is the culmination of my passions – I hope to inspire you to love others, provide you with resources about children and families, and motivate you to make a change, whether that be within your family or throughout your community.

Love, Amanda